Lovely Blonde Texas Spinner Zoe ParkerZoe Parker is another Teen spinner-type porn star. Born on March 27, 1996 in Texas, she’s considered sweet, smart and in every way, fun to be with. Her main strength (except her body and face, of course) is her willingness to please her fans and also for living out her fantasies in front of the camera. She claims to have been a slut in High School. Unfortunately for the boys her age, she preferred the old ones. She considered the boys at her age to have been too immature. Don’t believe it was easy to get into her pants though. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t easily fooled into fucking.
She was not familiar with porn when she entered the industry. In her mind, porn would always be the last resort when she couldn’t find a dick to suck. She has changed her mind now, when she’s been in the business for a little while. She is heavily into Babysitter-scenes and Daddy/Daughter, and in general the more forbidden fantasies, stuff.
Having entered the Porn industry at the age of 18, she is now to be considered a ‘veteran’. Three years in this industry is remarkable. Hats off to Zoe for that. But it is no surprise, her attitude towards being in the industry is quite healthy. Some girls just go wild when they get all this money between their hands, Zoe Parker puts money aside. She says she is disappointed over some folks being biased towards people in the industry. According to Zoe, she’s mostly met intelligent, serious and hardworking people. When asked what she enjoys most about being in porn, she answers: “I love that I can be a slut, be my true self and make it into a career instead of just being a slut on the side!“. Her porn role-modelĀ is Nina Hartley and she has recently started to love doing BDSM on camera, saying this have learned her stuff about her body she hadn’t discovered yet.
We sure hope Zoey will stay in the business for a long time!

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Zoe’s Twitter: @zoeparkerxxx