Hot Porn Babe Casey Calvert's Rear HoleCasey Calvert is one of todays porn most incredible performers. The way she’s able to stretch her limits over and over again is mind boggling.  Born March, 17 1990, she grew up in the town of Gainesville. She has an upper middle-class background and her father is a professor. She is still close to her parents. She also claims she wasn’t amongst the most popular girls in high school, spending most of her spare time to sports, like for instance Rock-climbing. After high school, she attended the university and  she has a bachelor of science degree!! She graduated with the highest honors and she also has a degree in film.
Casey is a wild sexual beast to watch and it’s strange she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 21. This happened with her then boyfriend, a much older black dude who drove truck for a living.
At first she did fetish modelling for a year and a half. Stuff like masturbating with a scuba-mask and such things. She noticed she was turned on by the fact that people would watch and enjoy the stuff she did and decided to do porn. Unlike most porn-actresses she sought for advice and approval from family and friends before she entered the business. Casey Calvert says she didn’t have sex with people of the same age before porn. Up until that point she hadn’t had sex with anyone under 30.

Casey has been in the industry for the more than 5 years now and is still going strong. Her perfect shaped boobs and female curves of a standard rarely seen, she is much sought for still. She’s always stretching herself to the limits and has become a anal-queen.
Few porn-actresses can take as much cock up her Casey Calvert asshole than Casey herself.

Porn Queen Casey Calvert

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