Alyce Anderson. What to say. born on Februar 23, 1999 in Los Angeles, California, she’s been in the business for nearly a year now. From the moment she debuted her noticeable presence was noted. Her father was a soldier, so her family often moved from town to town. This made an impact to her personality. She couldn’t keep friends for long and she became quite shy. 
Despite her shyness, she lost her virginity at the age of 15. A taste for fucking was born and she claims to have had 7 lovers before she entered the industry in September 2017. She believes it was September 5th.
Being shy didn’t stop her from making an impressive debut for Teamskeet.

Look at that awesome Teen Ass, Alyce anderson is Just Perfect

With no Girl/Girl experience before porn it is with a giggle she tells us she had no clue what to do in her first scene including a girl! At the time of writing she has actually not been in an exclusive Girl scene. 
Alyce enjoys Girl/Girl but prefers a cock hammered into her snatch from behind. (That depends on the size, she claims. what sheenjoys the most is the feeling of the entire cock buried deep. So if it’s to big, she doesn’t get that feeling. But does not mind a huge cock either.)
When it comes to masturbation, she doesn’t do that so often. Partly because she gets her share of sex in the business. But also because she never got into it when younger. When she do masturbate she prefers to use her hands. Nothing wrong with a dildo, but gently rubbing herself with her fingers can really kick her off.

Her porn future seems bright. All the major studios have lined up for some real Alyce Anderson performances. No wonder really, this petite girl standing 160 cm above the ground (5’3) and a perfect weight of 51 kg (112 lbs) is as close to an adult teen idol we can get. We do wish her a long and exciting career.

Here are a few examples on what she has done.

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Video Preview: Enjoying a Pink Dildo

Her Twitter:  @alyceandersonxx

AMazing Pink Gaping Teen Pussy courtesy of Alyce Anderson