Cute Blonde Babe AJ Applegate Showing Her CurvesA more hot and stunning blonde pornstar than AJ is hard to come by. Born on September 23, 1989 in New York, she grew up as an only child, although her family is, according to her, quite big. In High School she considers herself to have been a tease, not a slut. She was a cheerleader and dancer and often got into trouble for inappropriate clothing and such. Already at this stage boys took notice of her stunning Ass, which again made her slightly unpopular amongst the other girls. She didn’t lack any girlfriends though, so it never became a problem. Her virginity was lost to her then boyfriend in high school. This was a debut for them both and they used an opportunity that came by when his parents weren’t home. It was some sort of a quickie, since AJ was supposed to be cheerleading that afternoon. Actually, they had just finished fucking when her father started banging at the front door, to pick her up.

AJ Applegate has admitted to have started watching porn already at the age of 10. She used to search down girl/girl kissing and such on the internet. She later developed her taste into more hardcore porn. Nowadays she’s into Femdom porn. She names Briana Banks and Jenna Haze as her most inspiring porn-actresses. Although she became a porn freak at a very early age, she kept her virginity until sixteen. Before porn she did some dancing and evolved that into nude photographs. When she finally got into porn itself, she debuted for Mofo in a POV scene. The director of that scene, Ken Dark, had a hard time believing this actually was her first scene. Girls, being in the industry for 10 years, usually forgets to look into the camera while doing POV. AJ Didn’t forget once. Her mother found about her Porn-career from an uncle ‘who had seen something’ and wasn’t too happy about it. In fact, Neither parent were. They have come to grips with it now and AJ’s relation to her close family is still good.

AJ Applegate trademark is her big Ass. In her family she has been known as Bubble Butt since she was very young, she has always had a big ass. To keep herself and ass in shape she does weightlifting. This way she keeps her upper body fit while maintaining her big, delicious booty. Her measurements are 34B-28-39, by the way. In addition to being a Booty Queen, she is also some sort of Anal  Queen. Her anal skills are unmatched by most actresses. The thing  that turns her on the most is oral sex. When asked if she likes rough oral-sex, she answers, it’s not so much about rough oral sex rather than oral sex itself. I just love oral sex. She’s also into girls, but admits she doesn’t get that many girl/girl scenes handed over. (She’s way too popular in boy/girl scenes).  She thinks it’s sad that many people are judgmental about people doing porn for a living. She says she is putting all of herself out there and that should be respected. She is so famous, and have so many fans, that to her it feels like there are more people looking up to her, rather than down. Being in porn has learned her how intense she is able to have an orgasm. She also admits she probably never would’ve done things like gangbangs in a private setting.

AJ Applegate is still, after nearly 7 years in the business, much sought after. No wonder, her winning personality, very cute face, really nice perky tits and (of course) her big fat booty is unbelievable. She’s also known for really appreciate her fans and she does indeed wants to know her fans opinion. You’ll find her twitter further down on this page.

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